Sonique is

Working to Help our Heroes

Sonique has pledged to do all it can in these difficult times to help those who are risking their health and their families health day in and day out. Our company has since adopted the Orange County and San Diego County Sheriffs Office and Fire Department . We are donating essential supplies needed to combat the current and terrible virus outbreak COVID-19.


Would you like to help donate?  For every order placed from now until the virus pandemic is over, our company will donate critical supplies to our local police and fire departments under your name.  We will include both your name and email address with each delivery, so you get the recognition you deserve for helping in such difficult times.

If you would like to simply donate directly, please contact us.  Our supplies were purchased at cost, and you’re welcome to simply donate for the cost.  We will deliver them in person on your behalf.

Anyone looking to donate but also to remain anonymous please contact us at


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