Hand Sanitizer Refill | 32oz (946ml) 75% Alcohol | 10 Units


(295 customer reviews)

Our unscented branded bulk hand sanitizer refill gel is a great value at less for great quality.  You are buying 1 unit of individually packaged 32oz (946ml) bottle with a twist top for easy use.  The advanced formulation contains 75% ethyl alcohol far exceeding the CDC’s guidance on alcohol level.  Our is one of the most potent formulations on the market.


Ingredients include Glycerol and Aloe Vera Gel Extract.  Perfect for leaving skin moisturised and feeling soft.  Please note that no aroma or fragrance is added.  You can however mix in your own fragrance or essential oils.  For fragrances we recommend 2-3%.  For Essential Oils no more than 5% total by volume.


NOTE: This is a single unit item.  Can be purchased individually. It has a industry standard label, contains Sonique Branding. All ingredients approved by the FDA for use in hand sanitisers.


LEAD TIME: From order to delivery please allow 4 business days.  Usually ships same day.  Cannot guarantee ship time or production time.


CONTAINS:  Please see ingredients tab below for an exact outline of ingredients.

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Hand Sanitiser

Formulated to kill 99.99% germs, bacteria and viruses.

Hand sanitizer is a liquid or gel generally used to decrease infectious agents on the hands. Formulations of the alcohol-based type are preferable to hand washing with soap and water in most situations in the healthcare setting. It is generally more effective at killing microorganisms and better tolerated than soap and water. Hand washing should still be carried out if contamination can be seen or following the use of the toilet. The general use of non-alcohol based versions has no recommendations. Outside the health care setting, hand washing is generally preferred. They are also less effective for microorganisms norovirus, and Clostridium difficile. They are available as liquids, gels, and foams.

Ethyl alcohol 75% v/v, Water (Aqua),, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Triethanolamine.

Squeeze gell onto palm and rub until dry. Children under 6 years of age must be supervised while using this product.

295 reviews for Hand Sanitizer Refill | 32oz (946ml) 75% Alcohol | 10 Units

  1. Pamela N

    This sanitizer makes your hands feel clean without the sticky sanitizer feeling that you get sometimes with other products. It doesn’t dry out your skin either.

  2. Elperson

    Kids like using this and very convenient. Doesn’t dry out hands and good scent. Have ordered multiple times now.

  3. Amazon Customer


  4. Daphne Jurado

    I have severe eczema on my hands and it works great!

  5. Jennifer C.

    Just had a baby so its convenient to have around the house to help when you dont have time to wash your hands. The pump volume is a perfect amount.

  6. O.Schnauzer

    “These are fantastic they dont have the sticky after feeling so you actually feel CLEAN that other hand sanitizers have. I carry it around everywhere stroller car all over the house. Theyre fantastic.

  7. Andrea Leach

    Hand sanitizer arrived promptly. Used it frequently before holding my new grandson.

  8. Mike Vilven

    Great product! Gentle on hands!

  9. Jessica James

    This is just the best. It coats your hands isnt sticky and doesnt leave a film of alcohol on your hands so if your baby puts your hands in her mouth theres no problem. And this is a much better deal than Target.

  10. Bri

    Its a great value! I had a hard time finding the foaming sanitizer in the store so I resorted to buying it on here. At first I was hesitant to buy all three but it ended up working out perfectly. We keep them in each bathroom and one in the kitchen. It’s easy for my 3.5 year old to use on her own.

  11. Claire

    I love that I can go anywhere and not have to worry about sanitizing my kids

  12. Amazon Customer

    This is the only hand sanitizer that I will use I do not like the strong chemical smells of most sanitizers. I keep one on my counter for every day use and one in the diaper bag for when Im out and about they have that twist/lock feature. I also bought the refills and use them with these pumps which saves a little money because they are a bit pricey.

  13. KMorris

    Love this stuff. Doesnt dry my hands out

  14. Kayla

    There is no scent which is preferred! The foam is not sticky like other hand sanitizers. I have them in the car and in nearly every room in the house.

  15. ShopGirl

    Adore this sanitizer.


    Excellent product. Good quality

  17. Branwyn

    Both my son and I have eczema so we need something that takes the germs away but doesn’t irritate our skin. This stuff is amazing! I have one in my car and at the office!

  18. Amazon Customer

    I love that its foam it doesnt have alcohol and its safe for babies unlike traditional gel sanitizer.

  19. Holly

    Gentle on hands very handy to have around house for visitors and diaper changes.

  20. Erin F

    We use this hand sanitizer all the time. Trusted brand to keep germs away. Like the foam leaves skin feeling soft.

  21. Pety

    I love their products and I always keep one of these in my car for my kids and for me :

  22. Amazon Customer

    This is a very nice foaming hand sanitizer. I send it to school with my daughter in kindergarten. I feel much better knowing she is using this alcohol FREE product. It has a nice foam and clean scent. We use it around the house too.

  23. Victoria

    Nice foam doesn’t feel sticky or heavy. Great for a quick sanitize after a diaper change when you can’t make it to the sink to wash.

  24. The Len Family

    We use this daily after my son gets out of preschool and I really like it. It’s lesser of the evils compared to regular hand sanitizers.

  25. Catie M

    Love that this is unscented and gentle on your hands

  26. Ina

    Great to set all around the house for a new baby and also to travel with. Also a great deal.

  27. Brenda Fischer

    I keep this in my classroom for my students. The love that it doesnt sting like the regular school hand sanitizer. Plus it foams which kids love.

  28. Victoria Raymond

    After having dry and cracked hand both the husband and myself from our newborns constant diaper changes we needed a better solution. I tried this because it was alcohol-free and thought that might help. What a world of difference! It feels like you are actually washing your hands. Keep in mind that your hands WILL feel wet after using. There is no alcohol to dry them up but it is exactly what we needed. The plus is they sell refill bottles so it works out to about the same price as the normal stuff.

  29. Bobber

    I like this way better than the non foaming hand sanitizer. It also lacks a strong chemical smell which is unusual for this type of product. Highly recommend!

  30. Amazon Customer

    Great stuff! Doesnt dry your hands out.

  31. Will Q

    Very easy to use and make it more confident when handling the baby.

  32. Build It Direct

    My family loves this product. The scent is light and the foam makes it fun to sanitize our hands. It takes a while to dry and Im glad that there is no alcohol. Great product.

  33. Ilsa

    Nice product and kids friendly

  34. Justin M

    I like it is fragrance free. Good for kids or parents who have babies. My hands are really sensitive it doesn’t cause any dryness.

  35. Alissa

    I dont know how well these kill germs I guess Ill just have to trust them but theyre completely scentless and leave no residue on your hands.

  36. Lyane

    The smell is lovely and not too overwhelming.

  37. Amazon Customer

    No dry hands!

  38. Julie Holden

    By far the best product of its kind. Love that it doesnt have alcohol. Leaves hands feeling good and not dried out. I have them all throughout my house.

  39. J.A

    My 18 month old loves it :

  40. Tiffany Tuttle

    Great for changing table! Good to keep anywhere where you have baby regularly or for easy access to guests who want to hold your infant. No scent. Organic product. Really gives you peace of mind to use before and after taking care of your baby.


    Great sanitizer! Doesnt irritate skin and doesnt sting as it has no alcohol

  42. Darcy

    These are the best hand sanitizer to have around a baby hands down. No scent and they clean without cracking your hands when you’re washing your hands every two minutes this is a great option to protect your skin and your baby from the alcohol most sanitizers use. The three pack is great bc you can have them all over your house.

  43. Jane

    I have this handy in my girls room and in my car for traveling.

  44. Catherine Russell

    Already loving this product and just got it today! Most hand sanitizers dry out my skin and my baby’s but this hasn’t and doesn’t have the strong alcohol smell either. Definitely recommend it for parents and babies especially during Flu season!

  45. Eric

    Water based and gentle on my premies’ skin.

  46. milesaway

    Love this product. So much nicer than alcohol based hand sanitizer.

  47. YRRB

    Your hands feel clean immediately after use and you dont have that alcohol scent.

  48. Manders

    This is the best ever. I will always use it. Love the no alcohol. Huge fan

  49. jcarl1

    Works great. Has no scent.


    Great scent & convenient

  51. sara paredes

    I particularly wanted a truly fragrance free hand sanitizer and one of the kids described it as smelling like air which was perfect. Kids like the foaminess

  52. Allison

    Love this stuff! Does not have a strong scent at all. We keep it by our changing table at all times.

  53. AJ

    Love these. Very gentle on my lil ones hand. Perfect travelling.

  54. Erin McChristy

    This has been great for traveling on a short staycation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  55. Eyesee

    Does the job without drying out my skin that much.

  56. The PT-Mom

    Like other hand sanitizers do. Nice for regular use.

  57. Matthew S.

    No scent and not sticky great for everyone in the house!

  58. Ami


  59. Brittani

    As I expected:

  60. Ben

    Pump works great and the product doesnt feel sticky but wipes completely dry. Bottle fits perfect next to the changing station and I will be purchasing this specific brand going forward.

  61. C

    Great product. Arrived in good condition. Love that this is a safer alternative to traditional hand sanitizers. Not drying on hands either.

  62. Veronica Lephew

    Kids have sensitive skin so we try and use gentle brands. This works the kids love that it foams and the scent is amazing!!

  63. jeanette

    I research the company and the product and I love it theres no artificial scent and not at all harmful to newborn babies.

  64. HorrorMomx2

    So very gentle I can use frequently with no skin irration. I prefer that my school age children use this over the alcohol based sanitizers just so much less harsh and smelly. I highly recommend this for anyone with small children

  65. Tim + Nat

    We have these around our house so that people will sanitize their hands! After changing a diaper coming in from outside before or after eating or any other time it might not be the most ideal time to go wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Life happens… and this hand sanitizer is amazing.

  66. oattasa

    i put it at my diaper station. it is very convenient.

  67. Jaj

    Have them all over my house. No one can touch my baby without a pump.

  68. S A

    This is perfect. I’m having my first baby in less than 3 weeks and I wanted to get an organic alcohol-free hand sanitizer. My sister has purchased products from babyganics and recommended it to me. I’m planning to take this to the hospital with me because it’s easier to ask guest to use hand sanitizer then to wash their hands. I like that it’s foam because when I used it I really needed to rub in into my hands for it to dry out so I know my guest will have clean hands after using this. Honestly it doesn’t really have any smell at all. Also my hands feel nice and soft after using this and doesn’t leave a sticky sensation like some sanitizers. I also plan to keep this next to my changing table for using while changing diapers.

  69. Shelon Milligan

    Ordered for my girls school.

  70. Aw

    Very useful. Used it for new born puppies. They stayed healthy.

  71. T.Chhem

    good stuff

  72. Tina C.

    kindergarten teacher loves this. great for classroom

  73. Mrs. Smith

    Has a pleasant smell the packaging is nice and easy to use.

  74. Tony

    I carry this around everywhere. It sanitizes without leaving your hands feeling dry or the harsh scent that regular hand sanitizers emit.

  75. Alex Pang

    Alcohol free a little watery. Good for all ages and even to the vegetarians.

  76. Chelsea R

    This stuff has been great since bringing our newborn home! Really gentle on skin!

  77. jdb

    “Good Stuff Here! Im a bit of an obsessive compulsive when it comes to clean hands. I do a lot of food service work and Im in the company of a lot of people shaking hands and the like. Im always conscious of germs and how unsanitary busy places can be door nobs shared computer stations etc.. I like to keep sanitizer with me wherever I go to make sure Im not contributing to the transmission of germs.

  78. Maggie

    This product seems gentle. It’s scentless and doesn’t hurt my hands. Must have for new parents.

  79. Mike

    good product

  80. Amazon Customer

    I love this product as I am allergic to many smells. I’ve detected no smell at all while using this product. I let the dog in and out in a rope so sometimes I have to reel the rope in. The freedom from alcohol especially in the winter helps my hands.

  81. DHA

    As a person with drying skin this product is easily the best product on the market as it goes on easily and dries rather quickly.

  82. JessyJin


  83. amy chaloupka

    I love it! Blends into skin so quickly without a stickiness that some leave behind. Truly no scent at all.

  84. MelonKnee62

    I am a fan of Babyganics products. This one pleases me just as much as all other Babyganics products have. :

  85. Helen

    no fragrance

  86. Melinda A.

    Easy to use. Love that it doesnt dry your hands out like other hand sanitizer. The 3 pack is worth it… Put one in the nursery one by the pack and play one in the changing station. Weve used it for a few months now and its still going strong. Definitely will buy again.

  87. Heidy

    Excelente producto

  88. PBFamily

    We love this brand and these were a great value pack!

  89. Caitlin

    “Love that this product does not have extra chemicals the other hand sanitizers do. I had to search to find an affordable product easily available. The fragrance free has an EWG rating of 1 and the mandarin scent had a an EWG rating of 2. :

  90. Victoria Crockett

    Works as expected

  91. Yuko

    Easy application

  92. George

    Great sanitizer

  93. Lauren

    I keep these all over my house and in the baby’s diaper bag! They have no scent and are super gentle on baby’s and my skin!

  94. Amazon Customer


  95. Courtney

    This has been a potty training life saver. My busy toddler will barely take enough of a break to go potty let alone take lots of time to wash his hands. So this has been great to pump on his hands when he’s running out the bathroom door

  96. phmomof4

    I love this sanitizer! Makes me feel a lot better knowing that I am using something safe for my baby considering I use it before touching her and picking her up. I keep one in her diaper caddy to use after changing her and put the others around the house!

  97. Rebecca

    These are great for us!

  98. Lauren Bright Ingram

    This product is great for people when they come over to see the baby! There are no harsh scents and I can use it over and over again without my hands getting dried out!

  99. Nonotuck Community School

    Safe for kids when soap and water is not at hand. Last a long time. Refills available that save money.

  100. Jessica Zbikowski

    We teach our 1 year old’s Sunday school class. Since we have been using this the kids in the class have been staying healthy. Our son who used to get sick every Sunday now only gets sick occasionally. We bath the kids in this stuff!

  101. Lauren Albe

    With a new baby born during cold and flu season we have been using hand sanitizer like crazy. This product is great because it keeps us germ free without drying out our hands! Definitely recommend especially to those with little ones!

  102. Super Momoisseur

    Love the foamy hand sanitizer. I wash my hands all day everyday so I love that this product is free of alcohol. I keep purchasing this one for good reason!!

  103. TAnderson

    Came as expected. Great for my nursery. My hands do not dry out like with other sanitizers.

  104. Kevin

    love it

  105. Shannon Sebastian

    Love this stuff for the kids!

  106. Lisa K

    Love that there is no terrible alcohol scent in these!

  107. Denise Johnson

    We love it. Also we like the Babyganics foaming dish and bottle soap

  108. Unknown

    Love how gentle it is !

  109. Patrick

    No odor drys fast seems good.

  110. Judy shen

    Easy to use

  111. emily xiao


  112. David Shotlander

    Great product!

  113. jenerationmama

    Bought a ton of these when we first brought baby home. Great to put in every room of the house. No harsh smells and doesnt sting!

  114. Juan valdez

    I use this to clean my hands around baby I even put it on her it’s gentle and I think it’s very handy. I chose the unscented one.

  115. Maria Ryan

    Love the scent

  116. Taran M

    These work surprisingly well

  117. Naisheema

    Great product

  118. Jessica Salazar


  119. Annazon Customer

    This is great for people with sensitive or dry hands. With an infant I feel like I am constantly washing or sanitizing my hands. I only use this a few times a day but it gives my hands a break. It’s also good to put out for guests to use.

  120. Amazon Customer

    No scent easy to pump foam dries quickly on hands. Definitely recommend for people in a hurry to disinfect or don’t like alcohol smell:

  121. Amazon Customer

    Natural. Pure. Smells nice.

  122. AntFull1

    Works great just as advertised

  123. Bev Hosford

    This is my favorite changing table sanitizer for messy diapers so I can finish the job and then go wash more thoroughly without getting the mess everywhere. Its also nice to clean up my sons hands before a nap after a messy lunch or play date. It goes on nice and the smell isnt too much.

  124. Abandaid

    My son and daughter love foam make them wash hand more often lol

  125. charlottegabriele

    This hand sanitizer works very well and it leaves no scent or chemical smell. Its also not drying to your hands.

  126. jane

    Purchased to have at my home when my grandson was born so everyone that came to visit could use before holding him. It was convient and easy to use. It didnt bother any that used it and it doesnt gave much of a smell that people would be e affected by. Like it came in a multiple pack so it was placed everywhere the baby would be and handy to use. Highly recommend to use. Easy to take for travel to use when we go shopping or go to doctors appointments.

  127. Katherin Jones

    This product is a game changer. I love it because i dont have to transfer my baby from the changing table to the crib while I run to the bathroom and wash my hands after changing her. I leave it on the changing table and can quickly sanitize my hands and pick her up to feed her. Mu hands were also getting dry and chapped from washing so often but since Ive started using this sanitizer my hands have healed. I would definitely recommend!

  128. Taylor Herron

    This works great! I also got a small one for the diaper bag. Fun fact it also removes super glue from hands well!

  129. hauwij06

    Love this stuff have bottles all around our house.

  130. Mildred Hoffman

    We absolutely love this product!!! We have a 7 month old heart baby so we have to be very cautious with our hands. This has been great for us to use and also use on our baby. Gentle for everyone and definitely helps with the germs !!!! We use for travel and at home. Will buy over and over again!

  131. glatocha

    Must have with babies. It making a foam very nice to use

  132. Julianna Baxter

    I love this sanitizer because its alcohol free and doesnt burn when applied. My daughter will actually use it because its foamy and fun as well and I dont have to worry about it burning her if she has a cut on her skin or anything.

  133. Tae E

    Simple and easy to use for the little ones

  134. Laurie

    As a mom of twins I am sanitizing everything. All the time. And after the kids started sticking everything in their mouths I hated using the regular sanitizer as I was nervous how much remained on my hands. Now I dont have to worry! The foam is nice and has a pleasant smell.

  135. crice

    Feels great on skin and doesnt taste bad if youre eating with your hands after like sandwiches or goldfish. Very nice.

  136. Silvia Daza de Rodríguez

    My kids love it! Is soft and smells perfect.

  137. N. Porter

    “Use on dog to clean up under belly bandsince no dog brands are fragrance-free! Dog loves it too! It doesnt burn his skin!

  138. Gabriela Zago

    This is great to have around at the nursery for cleaning my hands not baby’s. Sometimes after changing a blowout you have to dress baby and won’t have a way to wash your hands before doing so so this hand sanitizer will help clean up enough to get going. It doesn’t contain alcohol so it takes a little bit longer to dry. But that’s good because it also means it won’t crack your hands / make your hands super dry like a regular hand sanitizer would do.

  139. #NAME?

    Love this sanitizer as I feel it offers a convenient and safe way to keep me and my childs hands clean when we cant use soap and water. The pump dispenser is very helpful and works well.

  140. Ashley

    Doesnt have the normal alcohol sent. Very gentle but gets the job done. Will be purchasing more.

  141. Audrey Meixner

    I love these products!

  142. Natural John

    Its great to have a natural hand sanitizer free from alcohol. The foaming action really helps you feel good that the germs are eliminated. It cost less too than other brands.

  143. Natalia chaparyan

    Great scent and sensitive on skin. I dont think I could travel with it though but I dont need it for that at the moment

  144. Xli

    Love that it comes with alcohol free and fragrance free. Feel safe to used it to cleans babys hands.

  145. Ling


  146. Lindsay

    I love this product- when it was shipped the contents of one bottle had spilled so just be careful if you have it shipped! I love the hand sanitizer though!

  147. Maureen D.

    Try to find it now with the virus scare

  148. Margaret P.

    this is the best sanitizer. Isnt harsh on your hands.

  149. Kindle Customer

    Our daughter was born prematurely in the winter time in Iowa and my hands were raw from all the handwashing and dry air from our furnace constantly running. We bought this to keep around the house for our family and visitors — it was much gentler on my hands than traditional alcohol sanitizer.

  150. Harris

    Great for pregnant woman been using over a month now very soft and effective

  151. Jessie Clark

    This is SO MUCH BETTER than regular sanitizer! No smells no sticky mess left behind.

  152. David Howell

    Great purchase! Works well.

  153. Darryl Schroth

    We had to get a foaming hand sanitizer to send to school with her kindergartner. Found the stuff here on Amazon and its fantastic.

  154. Hana

    Love the smooth way this goes into the skin! Also like the fact that it is alcohol free and unscented! Use this when I bring my therapy dog to nursing homes homeless shelters and an autistic academy!!

  155. 2thDoc

    Love this. Mild and gentle for little babies. Ive used this product for my kids for 4 years and will continue to do so. I carry this in my bag all the time. Little kids love the bubbles.

  156. Krad

    With having a new baby I keep these all over my house. Friends and family that come over don’t even mind using this handsanitizer because it smells great and isn’t harsh or dry out your skin. I have received so many compliments about this product. I feel so much better about people using this then touching my baby knowing it’s not going to harm my son like an alcohol based sanitizer.

  157. Jed Brink

    We have used this stuff for about 5 years it was originally given to us as a small set and the hand sanitizer worked so well we just kept buying it. Great for little hands that may be sensitive!

  158. michelle

    Not too strong

  159. adri

    Smells great

  160. Julie C. Orologas


  161. Kaley Van Winkle

    Perfect to have for our new baby. We have several bottles around the house and at changing stations.

  162. sara

    Great for the nursery : enjoyed these. Not sure about the scent but I’ll go through them so quickly that it doesn’t matter. I love this brand!

  163. Yifan

    Love it! It’s gentle yet effective. I have purchased many times. The bubble makes it easy to wash off my baby enjoys washing hands – which is a great relief!

  164. Kindle Customer

    my hubby loves it will buy again

  165. Monica

    Just a small amount goes a long way

  166. mk3

    So happy with this product. Have it at each changing station in our house. Love that it is a flaming hand sanitizer. Easy to rub in and doesn’t leave a residue.

  167. Wonderland Family Traveler

    My son can not use Purell because he always has cuts on them and it burns but this does not.

  168. Michael K.

    “Used it on some new tattoos worked well.

  169. Rosemary

    What I expected.

  170. diana

    I’ve had this brand of sanitizer since baby girl was born 9 months ago. It’s the best! It’s too big for travel but we’ve taken it regardless.

  171. NC mom

    So useful for after a diaper change. Love that it doesnt have a smell and it doesnt dry my hands.

  172. Ashley S.

    Awesome all natural hand sanitizer!!

  173. Amazon Customer

    “Love these hand sanitizers! I put one by the diaper changing table out in our living room and one in the kitchen. Perfect for visitors to use before holding our baby too!

  174. RJ


  175. Jack Price

    We like the non-alcohol-based sanitizers the alcohol one seem to dry out your hands these are awesome and the foaming make some easy to spread

  176. Alivette

    Awesome buy. Worth the money. Had one next to changing table one in the diaper bag and one in the car.

  177. Jeffrey Y

    I love this hand sanitizer. I only use this now. It smells great and a little goes a long way!

  178. Marie-Lou Nellhaus

    Great smell and fun foam!

  179. Dells

    This does not have a scent but it works well and the pump works well also

  180. Mrs Tammy L Klavon

    Gave as Christmas gifts

  181. Carolyn


  182. Maria Chan

    Especially good for sensitive skins

  183. Patricia

    Dries quickly does not have much smell. Love it.

  184. zhang hui

    Good for my baby

  185. Chris Lam

    Perfect for toddlers

  186. Ryan76632951

    very useful

  187. Eric Gallaway

    Perfect for around the house!

  188. Amazon Customer

    My son is very sensitive to fragrances and I love how this helps keep his hands clean when were out and about without irritating his sensitive skin. Im very pleased that it contains NO fragrance whatsoever!

  189. Julia C

    I liked that it has no scent. I use it on my baby after every diaper change.

  190. Amazon Customer

    Love this brand!

  191. Amazon Customer

    it is really very comfortable.I like it and my baby also like it very much~~~

  192. Amazon Customer

    With several children and a small infant in my home this product has been my go-to in keeping germs at bay. I keep one by each diaper changing spot and a travel size in my bag. Doesnt dry my hands out smells nice and I can use it on baby items in a pinch.

  193. Whitney Roach

    Not a great price.

  194. Emily

    This is the best hand sanitizer when having a newborn. Will definitely be keeping it around the house!

  195. ellis c chen


  196. Amazon Customer

    I really like this soap. It is the only one I have found that does not burn my skin or dry it out so much that my skin cracks. This soap gets my hands clean and dries easily. Really like it.

  197. Katya56

    Love this sanitizer. It’s like rubbing water into your hands and dries fairly quickly. I keep it on the changing table and like that my baby isn’t breathing a scent on my hands after each change.

  198. Gale Grobstein

    Great product! I have them all over the house.

  199. XXYANZ


  200. indymojo

    Nice i use on boat for fishing. If i use lure scent my fingers get covered with the nasty scent si after each lure application i squirt the hand cleaner on fingers rub and now they are clean.

  201. Amazon Customer


  202. Jerry

    Love it

  203. Omar


  204. Berit Mann

    I have used this since my son was born and I love it. Great product.

  205. Jessica Ghannam

    Works great for use around baby. No worries about alcohol or scary ingredients. Smells nice

  206. Amazon Customer

    Love it doesnt dry out your hands even with constant use throughout the day.

  207. Amazon Customer

    I bought this hand sanitizer for my kids. They love that it foams and doesnt burn their hands if they have a cut like the regular hand sanitizer. I would love to buy this brand again especially when its on sale.

  208. Stacy F

    absolutely love this stuff. Doesnt dry out your skin at all or make your hands feel sticky or leave a residue on them. This is okd by the CDC for healthcare use by staff! so much better than putting the alcohol cased sanitizers on your hands.

  209. Regina

    Love this sanitizer and have purchased it multiple times. It is very gentle and I am very comfortable using it on my children.

  210. Bekki

    We have them spread through the house so theres always one nearby

  211. MonM

    My sister turned me onto these before I had my baby and we have been obsessed! I have these all over the house and I have the travel versions in the diaper bag and in my purse. Love that there is no alcohol so your hands dont get dried out from cleaning them all the time.

  212. Katelyn

    We keep several bottles in the car now. It’s a great alternative to normal hand sanitizer and it isn’t drying.

  213. Margaret

    Great product. Alcohol is too drying so love this.

  214. Balaji Narendran

    We were looking for alcohol free sanitizer as myself and my wife have sensitive skin. This product is amazing and works well.

  215. W Family

    Like it

  216. Amazon Customer

    Im giving this to the other teachers in my school. Were staying healthy without getting dry cracked hands.

  217. J. R.

    Ive been buying this fragrance free foaming hand sanitizer for a couple of years. It is perfect to keep in the cars. This really is fragrance free and works great.

  218. Miguel&Angelica

    Love this product

  219. Rebekah

    Must have product when little ones are involved. No alchole smell or dryness but great anti bacterial germ killer.

  220. jack wilinsky

    This is the first hand sanitizer I have used that has no alcohol smell. That is because it contains no alcohol! The active ingredient in this is benzalkonium chloride0.1% which has no odor. The product has a very slight tangerine scent. I generally avoid hand sanitizers for a few reasons mainly the odor. Some of the alcohol others use are toxic and cause more problems than the germs! Also if you apply them and then get into your car it smells like you had a gin party! You wont have that problem with this product. Infants and older kids also wont get exposed to nasty alcohol fumes. But do the kids a favor and dont bathe them in this stuff! You can carry a good thing too far!

  221. ACurry

    Works as the other reviews described.

  222. Lizette

    Love that we can pack it up.

  223. B. Mistry

    Great product! We keep them all around the house since we have a new born baby.

  224. Min Qi

    Good for baby

  225. SisB

    Used this and love it. No scent no film no sticky ..just as product promised. Will buy 3 more for daughters. And a darling bottle. Lifetime buyer here. Another great find on Amazon. Update as of 3/20 this will not kill germs as far as fda say. Need alcohol to kill germs.

  226. Mama Bee

    I started using this hand sanitizer when I was pregnant and needed something to kill germs and not dry out my hands. This fit the bill for sure. We kept them all around the house when we first brought our baby home and offered it to visitors too. There is no scent which I appreciate. It doesnt dry immediately and you do have to rub it in or wave your hands in the air to help it dry. But for me this isnt a deal breaker. I would much rather use something that doesnt dry out my hands or leave a strong alcohol smell.

  227. Dominique Misa

    Perfect size! I love the foam!

  228. Laketa H

    This is good stuff. I have it in my diaper changing laborer right by my son’s changing table. The formula does the job and the pump works well. I’m satisfied with this buy.

  229. Bille Walchek

    I like this hand sanitizer. Its not sticky and does not have an overwhelming scent.

  230. iminsomuchlove

    I have been using this soap for my family for years now. I love that its not harsh on their skin. It takes a simple turn of the pump to lock it and has no harsh smell. It pumps just enough and will be my go to for years.

  231. Tropicalwolf

    Excellent hand sanitizer. Perfect size to keep in the car for all those pit stop. I cant stand getting int he car after shopping and then getting something to eat without the opportunity to clean my hands. This product makes things simple and healthy. I love the foaming action because I do not have to worry about it sliding out of my hand while on the go. I does not get any easier.

  232. Nannan Z.

    use it to clean babys hands. But I am not comfortable to leave it without washing since baby always suck his hands. So I usually use it as soap after using it I use wet handkerchief to wipe the hands again.

  233. Natalia Stock

    Perfect for having near our diaper table. Doesnt smell awful or dry out my hands like other brands.

  234. Lan

    Love that its alcohol free. My hands are already super dry from washing it all the time to handle a newborn. Its especially convenient for sanitizing your hands after diaper changes.

  235. Michelle

    These have been great with a new baby in winter. Constant hand washing and hand sanitizing has left my hands cracked and dry. These are gentle with no alcohol and don’t feel drying like other sanitizers do.

  236. Mary

    Love these for my kids. Kids friendly use

  237. Kerry Houston

    Perfect for new born handling

  238. Mandy Voss

    Doesn’t cause eczema problems or asthma attacks. Gotta love it for the sensitive kids.

  239. Dhara K

    So good to not use alcoholic one and keeping your hands soft and not dried out like they would if you used alcoholic sanitizers all day. No scent so baby is not affected either.

  240. Amazon Customer

    This is another of those hand sanitizers that you can use without water or a sink or towels or anything. It is very convenient. IN most respects it is like those clear gels that are alcohol based. Alcohol on the skin can be a bit harsh and it can sting. This does not sting. Its not a gel. In the bottle it looks like water but it comes out as a foam. It does not go on slippery. Some alcohol based hand sanitizers leave your hands wet for a while after use but this does not. It dries relatively quickly. It smells nice and it does not drip around like the gels do. It smells nice but its not too strong. It comes in a bottle with a push down spout but the spout has a safety on it. The spout needs to be turned before it can be used. A bottle lasts a long time.

  241. Nicki

    The kids love it and always want to use it after washing their hands!!

  242. Erin Mitchell

    Love that it’s alcohol free and easy on my kids hands.

  243. Pamela Gross

    No smell dries quickly doesnt dry out your hands. Love it.

  244. Luckystar

    I use this not only for my baby but also for the entire family. Always in my bag. Very helpful as it does not have that lingering alcohol smell after using.

  245. Rob Riter

    Love there is no scent! Simple and effective

  246. kristina valencia

    I purchased 3 of these and have them stored in different areas in my home for when visitors come over diaper changes etc.

  247. Teresa

    It’s really great for kids for the flu and virus season. No scent makes me feel more comfortable to use on my baby. I got it when it was on sale with good price too.

  248. Samantha

    I love this hand sanitizer. I keep one at each area I change my baby at around the house. It’s unscented which I love.

  249. P. S.

    LITERALLY THE BEST HAND SANITIZER. no weird smell to i dries quickly with no stickiness. Im picky about my purels and sanitizers. i have this on my changing table stands and it works great!

  250. miro

    We received this in the mail I didnt order it right before I had my baby and weve been using it constantly now. I love that it doesnt have alcohol and that it doesnt have a scent! Its super easy for my other 2 kids to use before they hold the baby and it doesnt irritate their skin. Cant wait to check out other babyganics products!

  251. K. Arnini

    Great non sticky hand sanitizer. We use it all the time when out at festival and big events with the kids. I dont have to worry about it getting everywhere as the foam keeps it from getting everywhere..

  252. Meredith

    Love babyganics foaming hand sanitizer- not sticky and no smell and my hands feel super clean after. Love the big size for the house and their 2oz size for travel!

  253. wei

    easy to use. Baby love playing with bubbles.

  254. L. Hoag

    I love that this does not dry out my skin even when used multiple times a day. A must-have for our diaper changing station.

  255. Bonnie T

    Great product! Safe and alcohol free great ingredients that won’t harm the baby or dry out adult hands. Perfect to keep for when visitors come over to see the new baby!

  256. Susannah Harris

    This sanitizer is gentle on the skin and barely smells like anything. We keep it throughout our house now that we have a new baby.

  257. PC Person

    Very nice alternative to alchohol based products!

  258. Paul the Father

    “I love this hand sanitizer. We bought this stuff to put around our parents house for when guests come over and want to hold the baby. It is unscented but has a slight chemical smell that is hardly noticeable unless you hold your hands to your nose. We chose Babyganics because their product line routinely receives high ratings from the Environmental Working Group. I use the stuff all the time and my hands never feel dry. I really like that it is foaming because it feels much more luxurious than wasting too much soap and drying out my hands. Although there is nothing wrong with these pumps I would recommend buying your own high quality foaming soap dispensers and buying the refill version of the hand sanitizer; this three-pack runs $0.71 per fl oz compared with the refill bottle that runs $0.37 per fl oz.

  259. Ashley

    When I saw an alcohol-free sanitizer I was a bit skeptical. So I put this to the test and used oil and other various things to dirty my hand. After using this product I noticed that it did very well cleaning off my hands while being non-alcoholic and scentless.

  260. simon ho

    Great as described

  261. Emily

    Must have

  262. Valerie Matteson

    “Ive used hand sanitizers on and off for years. The two things I did not like about them is 1 – the smell when you use it sure it dissipates but while you use it? Yuck! and 2 – they do not get off the sticky residue very well if at all.

  263. Dub

    Fabulous product!! I use it all the time aand it works great!!

  264. Raquel M

    Love this product. Doesnt dry out the hands and Ive had no issues with left over residue. As an RN Ive used a ridiculous amount of hand sanitizer in a number of different brands. For home use for my little one Im completely happy with this one.

  265. Amazon Customer

    Great to keep on the car!. And there’s no harsh odor

  266. MimiX8

    My daughter can’t use normal hand sanitizer because it eats her skin. This was a fabulous alternative. It doesn’t cover quite as many germs since there is no alcohol but it’s better than nothing. I keep a pump bottle in the cup holder of my car in the house and even in my desk at work!

  267. Carla Cartwright

    Excellent product for sensitive skin!

  268. Elizabeth

    Gentle for all hands; doesnt sting if you have a small cut; great for use with the family. We keep one in our car for when were on the go and its great.

  269. qiuyan wang

    Good quality!

  270. Majesty Bergman

    Perfect for people visiting our newborn.

  271. Pearl

    Great! No alcohol!

  272. Autumn

    I use this everywhere! I keep one in my car and a couple in my house

  273. Heidi Hilligoss

    A great product! No scent and it feels like water on the skin. Safe for baby’s hands and I love the foam application. It’s easy for kids to apply and not overuse.

  274. Tinycat

    This product is great and seems to work really well without drying out our skin despite repeated usage throughout the day.

  275. Korey

    Doesn’t leave a weird film or scent on your hands. Perfect for use with changing dirty diapers.

  276. Amazon Customer

    Just got it and love it already. My little one has severe eczema on her hands which makes both soap and other sanitizers hurt. She put this on and smiled because it didn’t hurt while killing germs! I highly recommend.

  277. Krista

    I love this hand sanitizer because it doesn’t have a strong smell. I have one in every room!

  278. Tolu O

    Very gentle on hands

  279. Matthew Howard

    I like that the hand sanitizer does not contain any fragrance so I don’t have to worry about washing my hands before I touch any food…

  280. Christy Hawkins

    I love these! They work perfectly for cleaning hand. Easy to use one handed and cleanser cleans well without an over-powering smell. In addition the formula doesn’t hurt hands with cuts.

  281. Ilydia Schachtner

    When I was sick this was heaven! Before this my hands got sooooo dry. Also great to use on kids when the dogs come and surprise lick his hands.

  282. AnginSan99

    I love this sanitizer. The light scent is wonderful and it doesn’t dry out my skin. Putting several around the house where we handle our little one.

  283. Kunal Dhawan

    Fragrance free and with Aloe Vera. Love this product.

  284. Trisha M Woolley

    This sanitizer is amazing! I’m so glad they didn’t add any odor! I have a newborn baby and little kids… I wanted something that wasn’t so harsh and potent. This doesn’t even really have a smell. It’s perfect .

  285. D. Dalal

    The light smell is very subtle but there. the forming nature of this hand sanitizer makes it very spreadable and dries quickly with no residue left on the hands. Highly recommended!

  286. B&J

    I love this stuff. It doesn’t smell and it doesn’t dry out your hands because of the Aloe Vera stuff.

  287. KGAS

    “I love having a safe product and it does not dry my hands out. After my son was firstborn we were using a common hand sanitizer after every diaper change. Well you know there are a lot in the beginning so my hands were getting quite dry and cracking. The last thing I need to be worrying about is dry hands. Luckily this product does not dry out my hands and feels soft during application. I definitely stocked up on this product and purchased over ten bottles. I did not want to worry about running out and have to go back to old stuff. It is so great that it does not harm him which is the most important part. I purchased many other products in their line for my house and my parents house. Definitely worth a try if you have never purchased one.

  288. Valerie M.

    I have used this product before and it was great. Doesn’t dry your hands out even after multiple uses per day. However this batch of 3 was all a bit wrong. It doesn’t foam at all just a liquidy puddle of sanitizer. I still gave it 5 stars.

  289. bunnylovebun

    Nice scent and great for being gentle with the skin

  290. Jennifer Lewandowski

    These are GREAT! The gel makes one bottle last forever without needing to repurchase. Also it doesn’t dry out my hands like every other hand sanitizer. Even non-alcoholic ones usually dry out my hands a bit but not this one! Even daily use keeps my hands looking great. I even use a bottle at work.

  291. Desiree G.

    I love all Sonique things. I use this everyday and my skin never dries out and I use it frequently. Highly recommend

  292. Amazon Customer

    I didn’t think there was a consequence for using the alcoholic hand-sanitizers but low and behold my knuckles started cracking. So I needed a new hand-sanitizer. After some digging I found this. It hasn’t damaged my skin so that’s an immediate plus and its form factor allows it to be carried in travel bags.

  293. brenda

    Great hand sanitizer to keep on my baby’s changing table! I absolutely love that has Aloe Vera in it so it doesn’t dry out my hands after constant use. Will continue to buy this product for sure!

  294. Ragesh

    Good sanitizer and has a very light smell of Aloe Vera.

  295. Morgan Petersen

    Love Sonique products. I use this sanitizer every day.

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