Magnifiqué Set


Introducing Magnifiqué Set. Wonderfully complex smart molecules adjust to your ever changing hair needs. This remarkable hair conditioner formulation is infused with a truly sophisticated fragrance.


Smart Molecules Remarques:
Magnifiqué Set if part of our smart molecules infused conditioner collection that also includes our smart shampoo.  This innovative smart conditioner adjusts to your constantly, daily changing hair needs.  It addapts to different hair types, styles, products and “hair situations”.  To learn more about Smart Conditioner and the smart molecules formulation, please click this link.  Learn More.


Parfum Thérapie Remarques:
Magnifiqué Smart Conditioner is infused with our Parfum Thérapie fragrances. Sophistique Smart Conditioner emboldens the feminine strength found within each woman. It carries hints of exotic petals and alluring spices. It is not overtly sweet, but has a playful after note. While other fragrances that are part of Parfum Thérapie are sweet this one is bold.  It says “Look at me!” with confidence and charm.  We recommend Sophistique Smart Conditioner if you prefer your Parfum Thérapie fragrance bold, with strong hints of exotic petals and a seductive feminine slight spicyness.

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Smart Conditioner

The magic of Smart Conditioner is found in Sonique Smart Molecules

At Sonique we believe every woman is beautiful and unique. The life each woman lives is unique. The day to day and all of our worries, stress and concerns are unique. So naturally each woman's hair is unique, not only to her, but to her every changing day to day life. At Sonique we understood the very important idea of uniqueness and set out to create a truly magical product that adapts to your individual unique hair. And so we developed Sonique Smart Conditioner, designed to work with your unique hair. Smart Conditioner works by using Smart Molecules to adapt to your hair and scalp pH needs. For a quick explanation, pH is a measure of how acidic or basic the skin of your scalp, the roots of your hair, the follicles and the oil of your skin is. Smart Conditioner works by activating Smart Molecules to adjust to your ever changing pH of your scalp and hair. Bringing it back to to healthy levels.

the magic of

Parfum Thérapie

Wash away the day, relieve stress and immerse yourself in beautiful fragrances.

Imagine coming home and turning down the sound of the world. Dimming the lights and relaxing into a warm bath. When suddenly a waft of beautiful exotic floral notes fills the bath with an elegant fragrance. Close your eyes and take in the Parfum Thérapie, a truly relaxing and thoroughly meditative experience. Sonique created Parfum Thérapie because the world outside can be stressful, tiring and often times overwhelming. We wanted to create a sharp contrast to the rush and hustle of your day to day with a clam, relaxing and all together tranquil experience. Each Parfum selected it complex and distinct. A virtual ballet of top notes, heart notes and base notes that will fill your bath and stay in your hair long after. The Parfum will waft out of your hair as you go about your day, releasing the relaxing fragrances. It is our sincere goal to help women relax in beautiful fragrant elegance.

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Suggestion of Use

Feel free to use how you feel is best. However here's what we suggest.

If you are showering, begin by wetting your hair. Wash your face while you allow time for the water to penetrate your hair. Don't wash immediately as this can damage the hair. After you've washed your face, use Sonique Smart Shampoo to lather your hair. Rinse immediately and thoroughly. Sonique Smart Shampoo is concentrated, so you do need much and you don't need to repeat. Next apply Sonique Smart Conditioner to your hair. If you have a sensitive scalp, apply on to your hair strands, otherwise apply all around. Let the conditioner sit. Take this opportunity to wash your body. When done, rinse your hair. The amount of rinsing you do depends on your hair time. Natural or lightly treated hair should get a thorough rinse. Treated or dry hair should get a medium rinse, leaving trace amounts of Smart Conditioner in your hair. This acts like a leave-in conditioner and will balance the pH of your hair longer.

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8.5oz (250ml)

Parfum Thérapie Profile

Floral, Fresh, Fruity, Sweet

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Significant (4/5)


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